Here is an abbreviated bio on Dr. Jeff Poplarski.

The cornerstone of Fit Not Quit is our very own Dr. Jeffrey Poplarski. Dr. Jeff is certified in nutritional counseling, sports medicine rehab and peak performance personal training. He has created and directed the Wellness Team at the 2002 - 2015 U.S. Open Golf Championship. Dr. Jeff is also a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians (CCSP), a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional, Fitness Instructor and Junior Coach. Dr. Jeff has also has contributed articles for Newsday’s Wellness magazine and was a presenter at the Laser Spine Institute 2013 Golf and Fitness Symposium. His sports medicine efforts have been published in Newsday, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, News 12, USGA and U.S., NBC and CBS.

We are also working on the corporate wellness flyer which we would also like featured on the website. This is where we come with a team of certified professionals to a business and evaluate/prescribe certain exercises for each employee based on their areas of weakness. We will also observe, evaluate and instruct employees on proper bending, lifting, sitting, techniques and will also offer a seminar on nutrition and will offer blood work up, blood pressure readings and much more. As mentioned previously we would like to have a link or something that catches the eye where they can fill out a form if they are interested in having us come to their office. They would enter their contact info and we would call them back.

We also plan on offering a "Skype session" with Dr. Jeff where he can evaluate the subscriber on a one-to-one basis and come up with an exercise plan and schedule follow ups. We were thinking of having a link to the explanation of this offer and it would bring someone interested to the contact info/payment page and we would need a disclaimer checked off at some point so there won't be any risk to Dr. Jeff /Fit Not Quit. Users would need to be made aware and check off that they have access to Skype. This Skype service would be different from the average exercise subscription packages. On the average exercise packages, the user would have access to the exercise database and THEY pick and choose what exercises they want to do and what days and times (they are on their own). The exercises don't get sent to them, only the daily devotionals and nutritional tips are sent to the smart phone/PC. They have to manually get the exercises from the exercise database. With the "Skype sessions" the user would pay a flat fee and enter his contact info. Once we get notice that the user has purchased the flat fee package, we will contact the subscriber within 24-48 hours and set up an appointment time for Dr. Jeff's evaluation (after payment is made, we would need a confirmation sent to the user of his purchase and explain we will get back to him within 24-48 hours to set up an evaluation via Skype). After the evaluation Dr. Jeff would set up a personalized exercise program which will be merged with the online calendar (Ex: Monday do a particular exercise and amount of reps, etc). I believe we sent you the sample of the calendar from Dr. Jeff's other website that he is affiliated with, please confirm you have the link. If you would like to get more of an understanding about the Skype sessions and how we would like it to work, you can always contact Jeff at:

(516) 456-1564